This Week’s Shabbos Menu

It’s nearing the end of the work day, and the hours are inching closer to Shabbat. It’s been a long and difficult week and I’m really looking forward to the compulsory break and connection to something other than work and routine.

Here’s what was cooking in my kitchen last night and what’s going to get guzzled this evening 🙂

  • Challah (perhaps Zaatar & Paprike, and a Sugar Crystals ones)
  • Butternut and Red Lentil Soup
  • Sushi salad (my very first time making this!)
  • Coconut crumbed chicken (don’t know it til you try it!)
  • Green beans
  • Corn tart/kugel
  • Meat pizza (another first, we had extra pastry and meat left over so had a small one for dinner last night. YUM!)
  • Apple cake (my favourite)
  • Vanilla ice-cream (it goes best with apple cake!)

I never managed to take any pictures. The shabbos cooking chaos took over.

Only the beginning of all the cooking...

Only the beginning of all the cooking…

What’s on your menu for tonight? Are there any of these recipes you’d like me to share?

Me and 6 guys for shabbat tonight. It’s going to be a good one! Shabbat Shalom!